Berin Kinsman’s Kaiju Patrol RPG

Berin Kinsman's Kaiju Patrol

Preorder now at this special price! The full game, now in layout and estimated at around 200 pages, will be available on November 22, 2014!

When the Futurons from Golden Planet 713 invade the Earth, they use giant monsters under control to bring chaos and destruction to cities all over the world! Only fearless members of the Patrol can save the day!

Berin Kinsman’s Kaiju Patrol

Berin Kinsman’s Kaiju Patrol is inspired by┬áJapanese tokusatsu programs, live-action special effects films and television shows. If you love Godzilla, Ultraman, Giant Robo, Power Rangers, or any similar science fiction epics along those lines, this game is for you!

Be a henshin hero! Be a kyodai hero! Pilot a flying sub! Ride in a giant robot! Battle daikaiju! Fight evil alien invaders!