Starship Tyche RPG

Explore the far reaches of outer space! Meet interesting aliens, godlike beings, mad computers, and battle the forces of the T’Leng Empire in the name of the Coalition of United Planets!

Starship Tyche, powered by the Fate RPG, lets you assume the role of a starship crew member. Be a dashing captain, a most rational scientific officer, a humanist medical officer, or a brilliant engineer. Be any sort of alien race you please. Boldly go whereever your imagination takes you!

The Starship Tyche PDF will be available on October 3rd, with a suggested retail price of $19.95. Preorders will begin at DriveThruRPG on September 19th, with a special price of only $10! Come aboard early and save! Click here to preorder now!

The Starship Tyche RPG contains:

  • A history of the Coalition of United Planets and The Fleet
  • 12 pregenerated, ready-to-play characters
  • Starship combat rules
  • A full roster of adversaries and encounters
  • A sample sector for immediate play
  • Adventure design and gamemaster advice
  • The full Fate Accelerated rules adapted for the setting